Thursday, March 5, 2015

Timesheet by Tengent LLC

This week I'm writing about the application I'm currently in the process of developing.
Timesheet is an app that does exactly what you might think. It keeps track of time through an easy to use mobile app. iOS is more or less finished and Android is actively being developed. It was important to me to develop the app with the idea that Managers want to keep track of their employees. Therefore Employees can link to Managers who can then be alerted when employees clock in, out, leave notes, or have shifts flagged. With just a click employees can export their timecard as a .csv file. Both apps will work the same way and an employee or manager need only use the one app.

The app has four screens. Punch, History, Export, and Settings.

This is where the user starts and ends a shift. The interface is flexible enough to consider that employees may take breaks during the day, but will want to resume the shift from where they left off. They can also do things like add notes or event titles.

This allows the user to drill down into each Punch. It starts off grouped by pay periods, then shows each shift. Within each shift the user can view each punch and finally get a summary page.

After the Employee has linked with a Manager they can select a date range and export all the shifts found within that date range. By hitting SUBMIT an email draft appears with an attached .csv file and a email body explaining the purpose of the email as well as a total time calculated. All the user has to do is click send and the timecard is sent to whatever email address the Manager has chosen.

Minimal setup is required and it takes place on the Settings page. Users fill in their name, phone number and User type (Employee or Manager). Each user is verified by having a text message sent to their phone. When the click the link in the message, their account setup is completed and they can continue using the app.

Other options are specific to the User type. For example:
Employees can ask to be reminded when the period is about to end to submit their timecard. Managers can receive an alert when the employee punches in for the first time that day.

Timesheet hopes to alleviate the problem some business owners face when keeping track of time for their employees. Some use paper and pencil. Some use a spreadsheet. These methods still require more time and don't offer the security and analysis available through my app.

You can look forward to both iOS and Android apps being published early this summer.


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