Thursday, March 12, 2015

Myo Arbmand...4 sale

For Christmas I decided that I wanted a Myo Armband. I was very excited about this product at the time and was even willing to pre-order. About two months later, right as i was in fact going to cancel my preorder and exchange my gift to myself for something else I could buy right then, I got an email saying that my Myo Armband had shipped and my credit card was about to be charged.

A few days later I got the gadget and immediately tried it on. Fortunately there was enough battery to setup and try out my armband on a few applications including Netflix and VLC. I was impressed with how quickly it recognized some gestures. Then i soon realized, those were the only gestures I could get it to recognize. After some more tuning and training i was able to consistently fast forward, rewind, pause and do some other basic controls using just my arm. WOW! It's fun, and it's easy to set up and get going. Is it worth $200 dollars to me? Not really.

How often do you purchase things that are cool, but not that useful? What do you end up doing with them? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I loved your post. Never heard of the Myo Armband but sounds pretty cool! I remember an app last year that came to my attention on shark tank. The app used phone vibrations to spin the phone to take a 360 degree photo. Super cool but not sure the application is strong enough to justify the few bucks to purchase.