Wednesday, April 8, 2015


"Somewhere in Las Vegas, a man just threw his Television outside his hotel room window."
            -Simon Cowell

Why do I remember this line from American Idol season 6 (which aired over 8 years ago)? Because it was hilarious. Would I ever go back and watch this season now that I know who won??? Doubtful. It's no wonder reality TV competition shows aren't on Netflix. But then what are the cord cutters who like The Bachelor and The Voice to do?!

Enter Tablo.

Basically it records OTA TV. With a plex plugin, it should be a snap to watch current shows both at home and remotely.

Since i don't actually have the device yet, (it's on the way) i'll be doing a follow up piece next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why another timesheet app?

There are a lot of apps and websites that help you keep track of time.

For most of these the use cases vary slightly. Many are for an independent contractor wanting to keep track of their time so that they can properly charge their clients when the job has finished. Some are more of a employee manager relationship which is where mine fits in.

One of the apps I've seen is called FotoPunch. FotoPunch looks very professional and well developed. It also costs a lot. Timesheet by TengenT LLC is catered to the average small business owner. The point is to save money and find a happy medium between manual labor to enter the information and an automated system that doesn't cost a lot.

Timesheet focuses on the most important features.

1) Manage time accurately.

  • Employees use the simple UI and can the system takes care of recording precision.

2) Data in usable format

  • The app makes it easy to export a timesheet between any date range. It auto calculates and summarizes the most important information.

3) Built in safeguards

  • The system automatically checks for inconsistencies and flags these behaviors. For example, if the employee should clock in and out in the same place, the shift will be flagged if this does not happen.

4) Cost effective
  • As mentioned above, the focus is to make this a more cost effective option. So it will be priced below other alternatives.
Who would benefit from this app? What features would you want to see?