Wednesday, April 8, 2015


"Somewhere in Las Vegas, a man just threw his Television outside his hotel room window."
            -Simon Cowell

Why do I remember this line from American Idol season 6 (which aired over 8 years ago)? Because it was hilarious. Would I ever go back and watch this season now that I know who won??? Doubtful. It's no wonder reality TV competition shows aren't on Netflix. But then what are the cord cutters who like The Bachelor and The Voice to do?!

Enter Tablo.

Basically it records OTA TV. With a plex plugin, it should be a snap to watch current shows both at home and remotely.

Since i don't actually have the device yet, (it's on the way) i'll be doing a follow up piece next week.


  1. Im interested to see how this fits with sling tv and a la cart tv by way of itunes...