Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elio, Elio, wherefore art thou Elio

It may look goofy, but someday soon I hope to be the owner of an Elio.

Believe it or not, but someday is the operative word in this sentence for this nerd. The Elio is in pre production right now and the closest you can get to owning one is to sign up for a reservation on their site. I've had a reservation for about a year now and if you'd have asked me last year, I would have said that I'd probably be driving it right now. The release date for Elio has been pushed back officially not once, not twice, but at least 3 times (that i know of). Although the wait is pretty frustrating, I'm glad that they are at least taking the time to make the best product possible. However, let me give you some reasons why I want this sucker right now.

84 mpg highway, 45-ish in town. Does it feel like your driving a lawn mower?--maybe. I'll have to let you know. But as a commuter car, you cannot beat that.

$6800. Long the promise of the Elio, Paul Elio (the CEO of Elio motors) has dreamed about making a car that is practical and affordable. Their target starting price is $6800.

Safety - check. (Although I also drive a motorcycle so, more of a plus than need for me.)

And finally - upgrades.
Although the starting price is only 6800, Elio has plans to allow for some pretty sweet options. And for me, that's where this car really shines. In both of the other two cars I've owned, I've installed some type of stereo modification. With the Elio, even if the price is high for upgrades, the car starts so cheap already that it's still affordable.
Upgrades are centered around the fact that you can have an iPad serve as your in car dash using the infiniteskyz technology. This allows you to have things such as navigation, music, phone calls, cameras, remote start and remote unlocking, GPS (where did i park), driving tracking, climate control and more.

So why don't i have it yet? Well, as i've mentioned before, production has been delayed. Supposedly this is due to "funding problems," which is why everyone who wants one should go make a refundable reservation now. As of today, the first cars are planned to be released in the beginning of 2016.


  1. Can't wait till this happens! I'd love to test drive it out and see how you like!

  2. Im interested! Hopefully the upgrades arent limited to only what they offer. I recently saw Elon Musk in a panic because their electric car can handle the voltage changes caused by after market speakers. Speakers. Wow.